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Supporting Our Community

Taree Craft Centre which was formed in 1975 has always played an important and active role within the Manning Valley community.

Over the years our members have knitted and crocheted hundreds of knee rugs and bed socks for local nursing home residents, and have also made Trauma Teddies for the Ambulance Service and participated in the “Wraps with Love” project. 

We have sent Christmas cards, scarves and beanies to Australian troops on active service overseas, as well as holding numerous raffles and fund raisers to support local charities.

From 2002 until 2019 we supported several children through the World Vision Project

We make "fiddle muffs" for dementia patients in nursing homes and hospitals, scarves and beanies too. We knit jumpers and hats for kids in need, little knits for premie babies and lots more.

If you would like to be a part of any of our community support programs below, just contact the Centre on  02 6551 5777 and leave your name and phone number then we can contact you.


For many years our members have sewn turbans and donated them to the Oncology Unit at Manning Hospital. The turbans are fashioned from soft fabrics and are given to women suffering the ravages of cancer treatments.  We also make X-ray bags for cancer patients too.

Taree Craft Centre also supports cancer research by always participating in the annual “Biggest Morning Tea”


Following a request from the Palliative Care nurses, Taree Craft Centre has taken up the challenge to co-ordinate the supply of handmade quilts for the Palliative Care Ward at Taree Hospital. The quilts are used to brighten up the rooms of terminally ill patients, almost like bringing a ray of sunshine into the room, and nursing staff have witnessed the wonderful difference this can make for both the patient and visiting relatives. The quilt is then donated to the family to keep as a lasting and treasured keepsake.

The response to this project has already been amazing and numerous quilts have been passed on to the hospital. Each quilt has been labelled with the name of the project and the name of the person donating the quilt. Other quilts are being produced by local patchwork groups, and wonderful volunteers are sewing at home.


The Community Crafters groups also support local nursing homes and hostels.  We have an ongoing project of making "fiddle muffs" for the use of elderly dementia patients.  These are knitted and decorated muffs that patients can put their hands into to keep them warm and also to have something to “fiddle” with as well and they are of great assistance to dementia people, those with brain injuries and just for something to do for the older folk.

From time to time the Taree Craft Centre raises funds for different charities or groups in need.  We have had events like the Vintage Wedding Expo, and this year our Toy exhibition which raised funds for the local Rainbow Warriors Soccer club.

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